Ann Kavanagh

Curiosity Cabinet, 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

Until 6th June 2011

Artist's Statement ‘Tree Line'

My new work is a continuation of a visual journey in the Alps, capturing the notion of place and time as reflected through nature.

Capturing these images at a certain time of day and knowing that later that day the image will have changed is important in the work. Later that month, with the arrival of Spring, it will have further changed to convey a very different place and essentially marking the passage of time.

The inclusion of the lines in trees and overhead wires contrasts the natural with man made environment. The use of simple lines (drawing) and reduction of colour contribute to a focus on temporality and fragility. Photographic images have become part of my printing process. Photo-etching facilitates the reduction in the boundaries between photography and printing without compromising either.

Roland Barthes saw Death implicit in each photograph. Photograph moves you back through time and always allow you have the past with you. Each photo documents a 1/60, 1/ 125 of a second that existed. Barthes sees the photograph as a kind of resurrection. It continues after the person is gone. It has a life of its own, in scrapbooks, on walls, in cardboard boxes, as long as the paper exists. Barthes likes the fact that what he sees has existed in front of the lens. I have taken this a step further with the photographic image re-emerging in a printing process resurrected in a new format while maintaining the essence of the original image.

Ann Kavanagh
May 2011